Back to the Past Again

One year ago I had an opportunity to go back to the 20s in a journey that took me here.

This year I got a chance to travel back in the time again, which brought me somewhere to the late 20s and then to the 60s. I found myself among singing and dancing divas, bored with the everyday live and awaiting incredible adventures that would wake them up from a prolonged lethargy. They let me walk through their secret door to view a somewhat unexpected performance…

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Ready, steady, go!

Preparations to the Pure Fashion Party are now at full speed. New outfits get their final shape, musicians and singers practice their performance and bags filled with gifts are already waiting for their future owners. The organisers assure that every guest will be pampered with exquisite goodies and get a chance to discover the world of Fashion by Tzariena.

To give you a foretaste of the event, I am presenting several photos from a makeover photo session organised for the purposes of the Pure Fashion Party. The full story will be covered in the Pure Fashion Magazine, distributed during the event. Now you can watch the video from the session and expect more results on the 9 of November.

You can read more about the event here

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Recycled Fashion

Fashion is not only about exclusive fabrics, high-class accessories and well established brands. Fashion could be anything that entails creativity and innovation and serves as an expression of our inner selves. It doesn’t necessarily involve high financial input and exquisite textiles. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be useable. What counts is the impression and the ability to amaze…

This being said, let me introduce you to the world of the recycled fashion. Below you can view the results of a very long and extraordinary photo session organised few months ago.

Outfits designed by Kate Orange.

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Pure Fashion Party

Brace yourself! A great event is coming up this November in Rotterdam.  Pure Fashion Party will present how luxurious clothes and excellent music interlace to create an atmosphere where networking and exchange of views can easily thrive.  Apart from saxophone improvisations by Bijou Esajas and catwalks with clothes designed by Tzariena, the event will also host an array of pop-up clothing shops and lottery with fashion and music related prizes. On top of that, the viewers will be surprised not only inside, but outside as well. EAU Lounge, the venue where the event is held, offers a breathtaking view on the Erasmus Bridge and the Nieuwe Maas River. And when our senses go numb after seeing all the beauty and splendor, we can simply turn to conventional networking with fellow guests and find out what brought them to this unique place.

More about the event at:

Below few outfits designed by Tzariena and shot by me in preparation for the event.

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Magical Marrakesh

Since Marrakesh became my third (or second?) home, I discover numerous charming places, which are normally hidden from the typical tourist’s eye. Few weeks ago Ali, our friend and astronomer, invited us to yet another unusual site, opening our eyes to a colourful spectacle with the Sun in the leading role. Thus, from the roof of the astronomical observatory of the private cultural centre ‘Atlas Golf Marrakesh’ we could not only admire the peaceful surroundings, but also have the privilege to watch the sunset show, presented exclusively for us…

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The Night of Light

It goes without saying that Delft is an extraordinarily beautiful and charming city. Once per year, in December, its magic suddenly intensifies and you can find yourself walking in a real (Christmas) wonderland! The night of light, or Lichtjesavond as they call it in Dutch, is an exceptional event turning the old town into colorful and surprising fantasy. Not only houses and streets are proudly illuminated. The canals also receive their special outfit, boasting magical bonfires, floating lamps and fairy-tale atmosphere. Add to this a Christmas market with mulled wine and hot chocolate, large scene in the market square hosting classical music and Christmas carols sung by small choirs in the narrow streets and you will get a perfect destination for your next year’s winter holiday!

As all this magic was just a few steps from my house, I couldn’t resist setting off to another photography adventure. Have a look at this amazing landscape and don’t miss this special night next year!

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The Story Continues: the Queen of the Underland!

Long time no see! The time seemed to fly by in the last few months, spreading its wings on fields less or more related to photography. Now we’re coming back from the long break from work or passion or both… So, here we are again with new photos, new energy to present old photos and regained inspiration to turn some thoughts into action!

The chapter no. 1 of the new story is about the Queen of the Underland, who within few minutes changed into a demonic lady, arrogant and hard-hearted, just to prove that her soul is quite the opposite…

Shot on a rainy summer day in Rotterdam, our Queen managed to survive all the adversities and demanding nature of both the stylist and the photographer:)

If you are curious about the transformation of the Queen, please have a look at the ‘making of’ video, shot and edited by Kate Orange.

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